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Simply more sales! With Actindo you control several sales channels in a single software solution. Sell parallel in your store business, through your webshop, eBay, Yatego, Amazon and many other marketplaces and price-cutting machines.



ADLER works with its full heart and soul in what it believes. ADLER is a Tyrolean family business with a rich tradition. 
That is why the only standards that count are those we set ourselves. With this philosophy, ADLER has become the competence leader when it comes to wood protection and wood paints. Because only those who are enthusiastic about their work do not do things by halves. That starts with research and finishes with advice and service.


Alive 656

"Electrical muscle stimulation" (EMS) is successfully used since years in medicine and rehabilitation. EMS is a joint-friendly and highly efficient training method for everybody, old and young (aged 18 or more), fit and unfit, trained and untrained, women or men. Only 30 minutes per week improve back muscles, shape, power, mobility, endurance, and performance!ALIVE 656 uses state of the art wireless EMS technology. In order to ensure optimum assistance and to guarantee the correct and joint-protective execution of the exercises, training at ALIVE 656 takes place to a maximum of 2 persons.

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Since 1876, Castelli has been the tailor for the cycling champions. Each and every day we set out to create tomorrow's revolutionary futuristic cycling clothing.


IMP is an internationally active think-tank that is characterized by its unique networking of strategic knowledge. 


Jackie Cooper Imports & Nissan
Jackie Cooper Imports & Nissan in Tulsa, OK and Oklahoma City, OK areas has been a preferred automotive destination for discerning individuals in Green Country and the surrounding states of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Texas since 1991.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in our new car showrooms for Infiniti , Mercedes-Benz , Nissan , Porsche, smart and Maserati, in our pre-owned departments and on our service drives.


T-Town Bicycles
T-Town Bicycles serves all of Tulsa's cycling needs. We sell and repair bicycles as well as support our cycling community with rides and events.  Since T-Town Bicycles opened their doors in 1991, T-Town Bicycles has been driven by the goal of delivering the perfect bike – yours. Our experience has taught us that quality matters, and like most things in life, you get what you pay for. 


Williams Companies
The Williams Companies, Inc. interstate gas pipeline and gathering & processing operations span the United States, including strategic assets in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, the Rockies, the Pacific Northwest and the Eastern Seaboard.  Williams’ headquarters are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Bike Hotel "Belvedere", Riccione, Italy

An essential life experience! If cycling is your passion and you enjoy the good things in life, then the Belvedere Bike Hotel is just the hotel you are looking for. From the saddle you can unite your love of sport with the discovery of a region which boasts second-to-none cuisine, the world's best equipped beaches, a wonderful hinterland and historic towns and castles. Marina and her family will be waiting for you, so they can share their passion for Cycling and La Dolce Vita with you in a very special way that is unique and bespoke to Hotel Belvedere!


Everest Community Foundation

Our foundation was created to help make a difference in people’s lives.  We have a desire for people to become the best they can be, and for them to be able to live their dreams.  Both our Mission and Vision statements are simple, but focus on this principle.


First Mate Financial Advisors, LLC
First Mate Financial Advisors help families chart a deliberate course for retirement and the transfer of family assets from one generation to the next. Periodic Market Updates and Other Financial Articles are available to help you gather information and make informed decisions. 


Kaminbau Thaler

Kaminbau Thaler is a family run chimney sweeper enterprise with a strong focus in the design, planning and construction of chimneys, fire places, and open heating systems."


Mac's Electric Supply
Mac's has proudly served the Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Institutional, Utility Lighting markets since 1965.  They will do everything possible to earn your trust and support if you will honor them with your business.  Mac's Electric Supply offers a full range of electrical supplies, products, and services.


Moncher's Doloverde

Monchers's Doloverde Pain relief is a house specialty developed by us, which is produced according to old tradition in the pharmacy to the Andreas Hofer "hand". Carefully and according to all rules of the pharmaceutical art, the natural, analgesic ingredients are processed to a characteristic ointment smelling of carnations.


Myelin Resources

Myelin Resources is a leading and innovative technology & engineering consulting and executive search firm. Myelin Resources was founded with a mission to positively impact companies and enhance careers by providing the best in professional and executive search. They are a national consulting and executive search firm providing national recruiting solutions with a full range of staffing options. National Scope.  Local Expertise.  Myelin Resources brings you the best of both worlds – proven national reach with focused quality service at the local level. We are dedicated exclusively to building on our expertise: identifying and placing qualified professionals across a broad spectrum of industries and disciplines.



The first and only ambulant rehabilitation center for heart and lung diseases in Tyrol cares for patients with cardiovascular diseases or (chronic) lung diseases. Multiprofessional experts reduce symptoms and impairments, increase physical activity, and enable maximum independence. The doctor of your choice will explain the REHAMED-Tirol grogramme to you!


Zemann Garten

Zemann Garten GmbH was founded in 2011 and provides knowledge and extensive experience in garden landscaping. They offer design, installation, and maintenance for gardens, ponds, and trees.



Ander force ® Sport  dietary supplements and electrolytes have been developed to support the needs and requirements of athletes. Tyrolean sports physicians, scientists, pharmacists and nature have put their best efforts into the development of an everyday gastric-friendly and highly effective product line. Ander force ® supports athletic people in their various activities and provides them optimally with all necessary nutrients. We have developed our products, in the best sport arenas in the world, in our Alps!


Diversify Investments

Chris Cook is a financial advisor at Diversify. Mr. Cook joined Diversify in 2009 and has worked in the investment and the insurance industry since 1998. Prior to joining Diversify, he worked at Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investments managing client portfolios as an Investment and Fixed Income Analyst. Mr. Cook has worked with hundreds of investors in developing financial plans and analyzing investment options. Mr. Cook is also an endorsed local provider (ELP) for New York Times best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, Dave Ramsey.

Mr. Cook has a BS in Finance from Utah Valley University. He and his wife have four children and reside in Lehi, Utah.

Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck.



Superperformance is manufactured by a renowned Austrian pharmaceutical company in form of granulate material accordant to a prescription of Dr. Peter Baumgartl.



ISOSTAR, the forerunner of sports nutrition: Isostar was started in Switzerland in 1977 with the first exercise drink specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of athletes.  Since the beginning, Isostar has involved itself daily in always being closer to sportsmen and women, whatever their level, and to bring them the best nutritional solutions to help them excel themselves and achieve their objective.  To do this, Isostar surrounds itself with experts such as nutritionists, National Technical Directors, sports coaches, R&D engineers and top-level athletes, who work on optimizing existing ranges and take an active role in developing new products. It has also formed a pool of partner athletes from different disciplines (athletic walking, marathon, triathlon, track cycling, etc.) in order to hold regular discussions with them about their requirements for sports nutrition, specific to their sport.  


Isser Optik

​Brilliant optometric, special gasses for car driving, work, sports, kids, every day, fashionable, timeless  … you will remember this! High expertise of glasses, coatings, the possible and impossible, a wide range of products, and a sensible ambience in every one of our shops … this will take a hold of you! The competent implementation of the optomerist's prescription – be it glasses or contact lenses … you will like it!The price compared to discount stores and cheap-Jacks of the business and our high-quality answer to this, in all possible colours and sizes … this will baffle you!



​Good service creates added value.
Markas was founded by Mario Kasslatter as a family business. It now has more than 8,000 employees offering a range of cleaning and catering services for large establishments.Hospitals, private clinics, retirement homes, universities, schools, hotels and other institutions in Italy, Austria and Romania have been entrusting Markas with these responsibilities since more than 30 years.


Premier Capital

​We use our forward thinking, energy and expertise to provide each of our clients with tailored, strategic solutions. We’re energetic and passionate about your business – applying our brand of expertise to every recommendation we make. And we do so in a way that fosters trust, builds relationships, mutual respect and open communications.

PZI Burtscher

Physical Therapy and Rehalibitation. We Move and Treat People! The PZI tretament concept connects (sports) physical therapy, manual therapy, osteopathy, under-water-therapy, massage and energy techniques, physical treatment and personal coaching.  Our  outpatient clinic is specialized on trauma surgical, othopaedic, and neuo surgical rehabilitation as well as the treatment of injuries and conditions of the skeletal and locomotor system..



Relaxing sleep is the elixier of life! However, if your sleep is disturbed, you need medical advice! Constant insomnia massively harms body and soul. We professionally take care of your problems without any harm in a comfortable atmosphere. With your doctor of choice we get to the bottom of your insomnia and shape the subsequent therapy!


Some of our sponsors choose to remain anonymous and we respect their privacy. However, as with all our sponsors, we want to acknowledge our gratitude for their generous gifts and support toward our campaign to End Polio Now.